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Harvested from specially selected sturgeons, our products will be delivered fresh for you to enjoy. Read our caviar-tasting guide to storing and savouring our products or contact us to find out more.

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Caviar should be well chilled to preserve its freshness as it is very sensitive to temperature. You can keep caviar in the refrigerator but not in the freezer! To guarantee its fresh flavour, we recommend serving caviar in chilled glass bowls, ideally made of crystal, placed on crushed ice. 

Metal spoons (especially silver) can react with the caviar and impart a metallic taste which is why we use spoons made of mother of pearl, ivory or tortoiseshell. These are available as part of our special sets or individually.

Our caviar is excellent on its own or traditionally on blinis. It can be served on warm toast and tastes wonderful with dark bread. It matches seafood very well but is equally delicious on potatoes. 


Caviar is inherently associated with alcohol. Good quality champagne is often a good match for sturgeon roe as is dry white wine or pure vodka.

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Our fish are kept in open system tanks powered by clean and fast-flowing waters (there are no recirculation systems at our farms). Moreover, holding tanks are made out of concrete so there is no chance for any taste of silt in both the fish and the caviar.

At least a few weeks before the caviar production, the sturgeons are swimming in tanks supplied with artesian water to ensure no aftertaste in our caviar. The flavour is as pure as it can be.


Sturgeons are very sensitive fish that require constant care and swift reactions to provide the right conditions in terms of water flow rates, temperature, oxygen levels and many other factors.

Almost 30 years of experience in breeding sturgeons gave us the essential knowledge necessary to produce strong and healthy fish that will make the best quality caviar.

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A dedicated team of professionals controlling every step of the process:

Our team consists of devoted professionals: ichthyologists, qualified fishermen, and food processing specialists. People with a passion for work are guarantors of the unique quality of our product.

Antonius Caviar is produced in our state-of-the-art processing facility which is one of the most modern and well-equipped in the world. We use world-class equipment and keep the highest hygienic standards throughout the facility. 

The entire production and packing process takes place in highly sterile conditions. Our company is BRC/IFS certified.

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Texture, flavour and caviar tasting culture. There's nothing else quite like it.

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